Traveling to Timișoara and not sure how to get around in Timisoara? Wondering if you can “walk it through” or how much it would cost you to take a taxi? We’ve got you covered! 

When traveling to a new city, you usually want to know more about how to get around. Some cities have traffic issues, others don’t, some have good public transport, others don’t. Well, what about Timișoara? 

Walking in Timișoara

Timișoara is a large city by Romanian standards. However, if you come from a big city or are fond of city breaks in huge cities, like Berlin or Barcelona, you will find that it’s really not that big. Most of the things you’ll want to visit are within walking distance of the city centre. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be staying in the outskirts of Timisoara, but it shouldn’t take you more than one hour to reach the city centre from anywhere in the city anyway. If you walk rather fast, you can probably cross the whole city in about an hour from its more popular neighborhoods.

Public transport în Timișoara

We’ll have to be honest here: public transport in Timișoara (and generally in Romania) isn’t great. Timisoara does not have a subway/ metro line, so, unfortunately, most public transport will be influenced by the overall city traffic. Trams are usually a bit faster, as they don’t interact with other transportation lanes very often. Buses on the other hand, most often share the same road with the many city cars.

On the bright side, public transport in Timisoara is pretty cheap: one bus ticket costs 2 lei, while one express bus ticket costs 2,5 lei. This translates to less than 0,5 euros. Express buses, unlike the other buses, don’t stop so often and normally travel from one side of the city to another.

You can buy the tickets from special shops in the stations or sometimes even in small shops around these stops. Not all the stations have tickets shops, so if you’re confused, just ask around. But here’s an unethical tip for you: in Timisoara nobody asks for your ticket once you get on the bus/ tram. The tickets are only checked by patrols that come aboard every now and then. So, if you’re not traveling far and feeling adventurous, you can also take a chance.

You should also know that while some public transport stops have displays that show when the next bus/ tram is going to come, these aren’t always reliable. As for public transport routes, you can check them out on the official public transport website, or by downloading their official app. The routes aren’t really displayed properly elsewhere – neither in the buses/ trams nor in the bus stops. That’s why, if you’re considering public transport, it’s best that you first ask a local for the best lines to take.

Traveling by taxi/ Uber in Timisoara

If you normally use Uber, then you will be able to keep using it in Timisoara. Most of the drivers are really nice, speak English and Uber is getting more and more popular in Romania.

If you want to travel by taxi, you should first know that it’s pretty safe, unfortunately very few of them speak English. Tourists are normally afraid of traveling alone in Romania, but Timisoara is generally pretty safe. We haven’t heard any gruesome stories lately, anyway. Not involving taxis. (just kidding!)

Taxi fares are pretty low, considering other European cities, costing about 2 lei/ km (less than 0,5 Euro). But there’s always that small chance that you will also get a city tour included – that is, the driver will take the long way, to charge you more. It’s up to you to decide if you trust that particular driver or not.

Getting around by bike in Timisoara

Biking has become more and more popular in Timisoara in recent years. Designated bike lanes have been introduced and many people prefer to bike in order to avoid the city traffic.

There are also “public transport” bikes for those living in Timisoara, but for now, they are not available for tourists. (We’re really hoping we will be able to update this piece with some good news soon.)

If you have friends from whom you can borrow a bike, you should be able to get around just fine. But make sure you lock your bike carefully – they do get stolen quite often.

Getting around by car in Timisoara

You should probably know that Timisoara, even though not a huge city, has an issue with traffic and parking spots. Parking is allowed around the city centre, but don’t expect to find a spot easily, especially during work hours! If you’re coming to Timisoara by car, we advise you to find a nice parking spot near your accommodation and then forget about it.

Because the problem of parking is a bit complex, we have dedicated a whole article to the topic. Click here for our tips of what to expect when traveling by car to Timisoara.

If you are travelling to Timisoara, you are probably going to get there either by plane or by car. And you’re probably wondering how car-friendly the city is. In order to help you out, here are some insights – our personal opinions about the traffic in Timisoara, as well as some parking tips that you might find useful. What we can tell you for sure, is that Timisoara is a safe city.


Getting around by car in Timisoara

In Timisoara, and generally in Romania, a lot of people own cars. It is our favourite way of getting around – this might also have something to do with the fact that public transport isn’t very reliable.

Traffic in Timisoara can be pretty bad, so we really don’t advise you to choose seeing the city by car, especially during rush hours and in the centre of the city. If you travel by car to Timisoara, it might be best to find a decent parking space for it and forget about it for the rest of your trip.

Where to park in Timisoara? For tourists it’s free…

There aren’t many parking spots in the centre of the city and they are almost always taken because, as we already mentioned, Romanians love their cars. If you want to park your car in the city centre you normally have to pay for it, if you are parking anytime from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. It’s free outside of these hours and during the weekends. However, this seems to just apply to the locals. Our mayor has reportedly said that foreign cars can’t really get fined for not using the local parking system, called TimPark. We don’t really get it either, so let’s just say that Timisoara is very friendly with its tourists.

If however you are traveling with a Romanian car, be it rental, or belonging to a friend, you can (and probably will) get fined.

Keep in mind, the TimPark system only applies to the city centre and to a few busy streets. These streets are marked with colourful signs – red, blue, yellow and green, each representing a different parking area with a different parking price. You can pay this fee either by sending a text message (instructions should be on the signs), of a voucher (which you can buy from the same places that sell bus tickets). If you are not staying on one of the TimPark streets, you can safely leave your car parked there.

If you are wondering how you can get around in Timisoara without a car, there are plenty of options: the city centre can be best enjoyed by walking, but using public transport or biking are also good options. For more details, check out our article on how to get around in Timisoara.

Traveling to Timisoara for the first time?! Still wondering whether you should visit Timisoara?! This is one of the biggest cities in Romania and there are plenty of things to do for everybody. From architectural beauties to great food and an active nightlife – you can find it all in Timisoara!

If you are a bit of a history geek – or if you simply like good stories, you’ll love to hear that this city has a fascinating history, that is still reflected nowadays in its infrastructure, architecture and culture.

Here are 7 interesting things you probably didn’t know about Timisoara:


1. Timisoara is older than it looks

The city used to be a “place” even since the neolithic period. There have been relics discovered in various parts of the city that point out people have been living in the area for quite a long time. However, the first official records of Timisoara date back to the 13th century – back then it was just a small citadel, but it has sure come a long way!


Illustration of Timisoara under Ottoman rule, 18h century


2. It is a culturally diverse city

The city hosts theatres in 3 different languages: Romanian, Hungarian and German. Timisoara has, throughout its history been part of the Kingdom of Hungary, under Ottoman rule and part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This rich history is still reflected in the city’s diverse people and culture. Also, people are quite friendly and open to strangers – probably because we are used to diversity and appreciate it.


Fabrik Neighbourhood – bilingual postcard (Hungarian & German)


3. It was the second city in the WORLD which had public illumination

Timisoara was the first European city and the second city in the world (after New York), that introduced public street illumination, in 1884.



4. The first European city to host a tram

Timisoara was the first European to host a tram. The first tram, which was horse-driven, was introduced on July 8th 1869. It was a wooden tram, built in Vienna.  The city is also known as “little Vienna” thanks to its rich local culture, which is reflected in the city’s appearance.


A tram in Timisoara, 1871


 5. It hosts the oldest beer factory in Romania

The city hosts the oldest beer factory in Romania, Timisoreana, dating back to 1718. Bonus tip: when in Timisoara, do try the local Timisoreana brand! We will be providing more tips on where to find Romanian beer in another article, so make sure you follow us for more!


Timisoreana Beer Factory, founded in 1718

If you’re one of those people who can’t really start their day without cup of good coffee, you’re probably wondering where you can have your coffee when in Timisoara. From the most popular franchises, to the cosy local ones, here’s our brief guide on where you can find some the best coffee in Timisoara:

1 . Cafeneaua Verde

This is a typical cafe/ bistro place, located in the heart of Timisoara, in Liberty Square. The name translates to “green cafe” and it indeed is quite green. But it is also bright and cozy. In addition to various types of coffees, they also serve good tea and other drinks, as well as good food. We really recommend you try the Piadina’s, you can also check the menu from Cafeneaua Verde online 

This is a lovely place to hang out any time of the day and in the summer time, they also have a sunny terrace right in Liberty Square.


2. Tucano Coffee

You can find this great coffee place next to the Union Square, on Emanoil Ungureanu Street. Their moto is “Love. Peace. Coffee” and the place reflects that. It has a peaceful ethnic vibe and usually matching music. Their branding reflects the culture of coffee-loving cultures around the world.

As for the coffee itself, Tucano Coffee serves 100% Specialty Arabica, from the best coffee-producing regions in the world. In addition to coffee, the also serve fresh juices, lemonades, teas and great cookies.

If you’re just strolling around the Union Square, you can also ask for your coffee “to go” to enjoy it during your walk.

Photo Source:

3. Mokum Cafe

Mokum Cafe prides itself to be Timisoara’s smallest cafe. It’s one of the mst popular “coffee to go” places in town. It also hosts a few seats, meaning that you can also enjoy a quick coffee indoors on a rainy day.

You cand find this small, but cozy place at the corner of Augustin Pacha Street, next to Eugen de Savoya Street


Photo Source:


4. Prospero

This is actually a local business, so it might count as a “local” experience. Prospero started out as a bakery, but they have grown a lot in the last years. They have extended their business from selling bread to selling various bakery products to creating a bunch of tiny cafes all around the city. Most of their places serve coffee “to go”, bur some – like the one that’s close to the famous “fish fountain” in Victory Square also hosts a few tables. And we really advise you to try their bakery products while you’re there, they’re delicious!

And if you want to grab a coffee “to go” (plus some croissants/ cookies), while next to the Union Square, there’s a small Prospero nearby, on Vasile Alecsandri Street. And by the way, these guys sell don’t sell ordinary bread, they use natural ingredients and natural leaven.


Photo Source:


5. Garage Cafe

The people behind Garage Cafe really love coffee. They actually roast the coffee beans in the cafe, offering fresh authentic coffee. The coffee beans come from Indonesia, Ethiopia and Colombia.

And while you’re there, you could also try one of their cakes. Everything is made in-house, fresh and yummy! They also serve some food, so this is also a good place have breakfast/ brunch.


Photo Source:


6. Starbucks

Yes, it’s a classic. And yes, no matter where you are travelling, you can normally count on Starbucks for your cup of coffee and a misspelled name. We’re not going to tell you too much about it, because you probably already know what to expect. Both the flavours and the prices are similar to all the other Starbucks cafes you’ve visited.

It you’re a Starbucks lover, you’re going to agree that this is some of the best coffee in Timisoara. You can find Starbucks in the centre of Timisoara, right next to the Opera. You can’t really miss it. Starbucks also has two other locations in Timisoara, in Timisoara’s two malls: Iulius Mall and Timisoara Shopping City.




7. Reciproc Cafe

This little cafe is very fond of organic goodies and fair-trade products. And this includes the coffee. So, if you want to shop locally or organically, give these guys a visit. They also have a lot of products that you can purchase for yourself, supporting small local businesses.

This place is small and cozy, but in the summertime they also have a delightful terrace right in front of the cafe. You can find them on Marasesti Street, right across the Botanical Park.

Photo Source:


Do you agree with our tips? Where did you find the best coffee in Timisoara?