Even though January has been a slow month for most of us, we should go out more this February. And Reflektor Venue, one of the main venues that host live concerts in Timisoara, wants to help us out. This February they have planned some busy weekends, with a series of interesting live events. We like what they are doing for the live music scene, so we thought we’d share some joy.

Highlights of live concerts in Timisoara

02.02 Saturday Party at Reflektor with Zoli Varga

New month, new party! Zoltan Varga is one of the best-known local DJs. He has an experience of over 20 of DJ-ing and vast music knowledge. He is definitely one of those DJs who knows how to start a great party – so what better way to start the month?!


11.02 Norman Baker Band

Norman Beaker has been at the forefront of the British Blues scene for over 4 decades. As of 2017, Norman was included into the Blues Hall of Fame® – a prestigious recognition indeed! Only a handful of UK artists can claim the same – Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce are two of them.


11.02 Melting Dice and The case

2 cool local bands in an evening. Joining is a very good idea, especially if you want to get aquainted with the local alternative scene.

The Case is an alternative rock band from Timisoara. The band made its debut in the spring of 2012 and can deliver an energetic and original show.

Melting Dice is a young alternative rock band that began its work in 2014. But don’t get fooled by their age, they’ve fast learned how to rock a venue.


16.02 Partizan

Partizan is one of those Romanian bands that offers a different experience with every concert. Their story started in 2001 and they haven’t stopped playing. You can never know what to expect from a Partizan , but you know it will be fun.


But that’s not all! The list of February concerts at Reflektor Venue can go on – for more details, make sure to check the event section of their Facebook page:

03.02.2019 Monolith Grows live in Timisoara

06.02.2019 Ethnofil (HUN) | Concert world music
07.02.2019 Țapinarii Anti Valentine’s Day
09.02.2019 Jucifer [USA] + vvvlv [TM] live Reflektor

13.02.2019 Jónás Vera Experiment

21.02.2019 Bohemian Betyars (HUN) | Concert speed-folk-freak-puink

23.02.2019 Jagannatha | Reflektor

When visiting a new city, in order to have the best experience, many of you will also want to taste the nightlife. Timisoara’s nightlife is vibrant and has many party places to choose from. In this article, we will give you 5 recommendations on how to enjoy the nightlife in Timisoara.


D’arc has been representative for nightlife in Timisoara for over a decade now. Located in Unirii Square, it’s one of the most popular places in the city to enjoy a good party. The prices are affordable and the music is just great. It’s also popular with foreigners and expats.

Open Hours: Thursday-Saturday 23 PM – 5 AM

Darc' Timisoara Nightlife

Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/club.darc.timisoara/

Reflektor Venue

The story of Reflektor Venue started in 2017 and the venue has since become one of the most popular concert venues in Timisoara. Reflektor hosts concerts and events several times a week and most weekends. Most of the events aren’t over before a great after party.  The sound system is one of the best in Timisoara, the prices are just right, and the staff is very friendly.

Open Hours: Thursday-Saturday 23 PM – 5 AM

Reflektor Venue Timisoara Concerts

Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/ReflektorVenue/

80s Pub

80s Pub is one of the pubs in Timisoara where people also come dancing on the weekend. Although it’s the only one from our list which is not located in the city center, it’s very relevant for nightlife in Timisoara. This pub is exactly what it sounds like: 80s music, with very danceable songs and great atmosphere. Because it is located near the students’ campus, you will most likely see expats and locals having fun together.

Open Hours: Monday  – Thursday 9 AM- 1:30vAM / Friday- Saturday 10 AM – 4:30 AM / Sunday 10 AM – 1:30 AM

Darc' Timisoara Party

Photo source: fb.com/PhotoBog


Club Taine has been around for some years now, and it’s very popular among locals. If you are into rock music and famous anthems, this place is for you.  On Wednesdays Taine hosts Folk Nights, so if you want to get a taste of traditional Romanian folk music, make sure to visit them.

Open Hours: Thursday-Saturday 17 PM – 6 AM
Sunday-Wednesday 17 PM – 3 AM

Taine Club Timisoara

Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/clubtaine/

Escape Venue

Escape Venue is dedicated mainly to electronic and drum’n’base music lovers. Escape Venue has a passion for great 360 visuals and good sound; this made them one of the top electronic music venues in Timisoara. Events are organized almost every weekend and they involve DJs and bands from all around the world. For a full list of their events in Timisoara, visit their Facebook page.

Open Hours: Friday-Saturday 10 PM – 6 AM

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/escape.underground.hub/