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Lumen – by BEGA!

It’s official, Autumn is here! And together with it, one of the most interesting shows of the year: Lumen organized by BEGA!  and the Timisoara2021 Association.  Lumen is one of the main events included in the program for “Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2021” and the first in the series of events in the program powered by BEGA. […]

Electroruga de Buzad – What was the first edition like?

Last weekend, the remote village of Buzad, about 40 km from Timisoara turned to (a new) life! Electroruga, a new festival in our area, turned the small village into a very popular weekend destination. Here’s how the first edition of Electroruga de Buzad turned out: The place and the people The village of Buzad lies […]

Pizza Napoletana: the best pizza in Timisoara

Have you ever heard anybody say they hated pizza?! Neither have we. We think everybody loves (or at least likes) pizza. Italian by origin, pizza has become that universal food that is usually good both for the soul and the stomach.   Feeling down? Pizza. Too lazy to cook? Pizza. In a new city and […]

Scârț and the Communist Consumers’ Museum

Tired of tidy coffee shops and pubs?! Want an “alternative” experience?! Something casual, not pretentious and maybe,different?! Well then, you should give Scârț a visit. This article is dedicated to this unique “3 in 1” place in Timișoara. A bar, a theatre and a museum…                     […]

Viniloteca, the hidden gem of Timisoara.

While Timisoara has a lot to offer when it comes to pubs and bars for tourists, there are also places known mostly by the locals. If you are the kind of traveler who likes to discover these hidden gems when traveling to a new city, you know what we are talking about. And if you […]

Exit Games – Escape rooms

  Escape rooms have become popular in Europe since 2011. In case you haven’t tried one yet, you have a chance to do it in Timisoara, thanks to Exit Games. How does it work? Teams consist of minimum two players and a maximum of eight, depending on the room you choose. The team has to work […]

Day trip to the Semenic Mountains

Did you know that from Timisoara you can reach the mountains in about 2 hours?! If you are planning any day trips (or weekend trips) from Timisoara, the mountains are a great destination. One of the closest mountain you can visit is…

Day trip to the Nera Gorges

The Nera Gorges are among the most spectacular gorges in Romania, and also the longest, with a total length of about 20 km. They are also home to some of the greatest springs, waterfalls, and caves in the western part of Romania.    The Eye of the Bei (or Ochiul Beiului) The Eye of the […]