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The best music festivals in Timisoara

Festivals and traveling a lot of times go hand in hand. Those of you who like both going to music festivals and travelling, probably try to combine these two passions as often as possible. If you are planning to travel to Timisoara, you should probably know that there are some great music festivals you could […]

How to get around in Timisoara

Traveling to Timișoara and not sure how to get around in Timisoara? Wondering if you can “walk it through” or how much it would cost you to take a taxi? We’ve got you covered!  When traveling to a new city, you usually want to know more about how to get around. Some cities have traffic […]

Where to park in Timisoara

If you are travelling to Timisoara, you are probably going to get there either by plane or by car. And you’re probably wondering how car-friendly the city is. In order to help you out, here are some insights – our personal opinions about the traffic in Timisoara, as well as some parking tips that you […]

5 Things you didn’t know about Timisoara

Traveling to Timisoara for the first time?! Still wondering whether you should visit Timisoara?! This is one of the biggest cities in Romania and there are plenty of things to do for everybody. From architectural beauties to great food and an active nightlife – you can find it all in Timisoara! If you are a […]