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Helping Timisoara fight the pandemic

We are witnessing troubled times and while we are doing our best to stay home and protect our loved ones, we also want to help our community overcome this situation. “Timisoara Tourism” is a project dedicated to promoting Timisoara’s tourism potential. Our city is beautiful and has so much potential… But right now it also […]

Pretty bookstores in Timisoara: Carturesti Operei

There’s a new bookstore in Timisoara and we have to tell you all about it! The bookstore brand Carturesti has recently opened a new bookstore right in the “heart” of the city: Carturesti Operei. Here’s why you should pay a visit.    Carturesti – a Romanian brand The history of Carturesti goes back to the […]

JazzTM 2020 – Another jazzy summer

Timisoara will be jazzing it again this year! JazzTM 2020, the eight edition of this famous local festival, will take place between July 3rd and 5th in Timisoara’s city centre.    JazzTM, the 8th edition JazzTM is one of the best music festivals in Timisoara and the surrounding area. It is dedicated mainly to jazz […]

The Happy Wall(s) in Timisoara

This autumn BEGA! will introduce us to the “Happy Wall” –  a series of interactive installations, that will be placed in our city of Timisoara. Where and when can you find the happy wall(s) in Timisoara? Read more, below:     What is Happy Wall?  Happy Wall is an interactive installation of the Danish artist, […]

Art Encounters Biennial 2019 

Art lovers, you can’t miss this! The Art Encounters Biennial 2019 will take place between September 20th and October 27th in Timisoara. The 3rd edition of the Biennial will, as the name suggest, facilitate “encounters” between contemporary art and the mass audience. The Biennial will kick off with an opening event between September 20th and […]

PLAI Festival 2019

The 14th edition of one of Timisoara’s biggest festivals, PLAI festival, will take place between September 13th and 15th at the Banat Village Museum. The weekend is going to be full of good music and entertaining activities for all ages, so read on…    PLAI Festival 2019 – what, when, where? PLAI, a local festival […]

Old meets new at Electroruga de Buzad 2019

Electroruga de Buzad is back! We’ve already written about this new festival last year when the first edition took place. And because the first edition was so successful, we think you should clear your schedule between August 30th and September 1st to enjoy Electroruga de Buzad 2019. Read on to find out more…  [Last updated: […]

Timisoara’s 100th Anniversary

Timisoara celebrates its “anniversary” on August 3rd every year. This date has been chosen because it marks the date when the city officially became part of the Romanian state, in 1919. This year will mark Timisoara’s 100th anniversary and the City Hall has prepared some events to celebrate it.   Bits of history: Timisoara in […]

A trip on the Oravita-Anina Railway

Timisoara is located in the plains of Western Romania, but you can reach the nearby mountains in just a 2-3 hour drive. An alternative way to see these beautiful mountains is by taking a train – more specifically, the one running on the Oravita-Anina railway in Caras-Severin country, the oldest mountain railway in S-E Europe. […]

Fest FDR 2019 – Outdoor Theatre Events

If you enjoy going to the theatre or watching contemporary circus performances, you are going to love this event: FEST Outdoor 2019. A big part of FEST-FDR 2019, is going to take place between June 13th and 18th, in front of the National Theatre in Timisoara. Here’s what you should know about this series of […]