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Where to find the best wine in Timisoara

If you’re a wine lover you should know that Romania produces quite a lot of wines. And that means that you can find good wineries all across the country! As for Timisoara, you can find many kinds of local wine at either supermarkets, liquor stores or dedicated wine places. If you are a wine connoisseur who would […]

Public Transport in Timisoara

We’ve written before about how to get around in Timisoara, but we know that you budget travelers out there are also wondering what is the cheapest way to get around in Timisoara. While walking is always an option (Timisoara is a big city, but its center is not that big), the next best choice is […]

A day at the museum: the best museums in Timisoara

What are you interested in when visiting a new city? Is it the food, the people, the nightlife, the architecture or the culture? Do you like to immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting museums? If that is the case, then read on. This article is dedicated to the history buffs and the artistic […]

Day trip to the Danube Gorges

The Danube is one one of Romania’s most beautiful natural assets. It flows across the whole southern part of Romania and creates the wonderful Danube Delta just before reaching the Black Sea. Right after entering Romania, it creates the stunning Danube Gorges, which are a very popular tourist destination. The whole are a is worth […]

Timisoara Christmas Market 2017

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And who doesn’t love Christmas, with all its presents, cookies, mulled wine and the free time to relax and look forward to a jolly new year?! Timisoara, as most European cities, does its best at helping its locals and visitors nurture their Christmas spirit. And how does it do […]

Day Trip from Timisoara: Sarmisegetusa Regia and Ulpia Traiana

If you are visiting Timisoara or the western part of Romania for a longer period of time, you should probably consider visiting tourist attractions outside of the big cities. For those of you visiting Timisoara and planning some day trips from Timisoara, we have a suggestion (actually two): visit Sarmisegetusa Regia and Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetusa. […]

What to do in Timisoara on a budget

If you are planning to visit Romania, most importantly Timisoara, you probably need a list of things to see and do. Timisoara is a big city, located in Western Romania,which has a history that dates back to the 14th century. And of course it a has lot of beautiful spots, good food and plenty of […]