Parties, Concerts, Festivals and more in . Timisoara is a vibrant city with events each day. See the events which are happening this month in Timisoara.

If you enjoy going to the theatre or watching contemporary circus performances, you are going to love this event: FEST Outdoor 2019. A big part of FEST-FDR 2019, is going to take place between June 13th and 18th, in front of the National Theatre in Timisoara. Here’s what you should know about this series of events.


What is FEST-FDR?

FEST-FDR is one of the biggest festivals in Romania and the biggest in Timisora. This year, the festival will reach its 24th edition.

The festival traditionally has 2 sections:

  • FEST: a series of free outdoor performances performed by international artists; these performances go beyond the patterns of traditional theatre, combining contemporary circus with music and visual effects.
  • FDR (“festivalul dramaturgiei romanesti”): showcases the most representative Romanian plays.


FEST-FDR Outdoor 2019

The 2019 edition of FEST-FDR will be split in two series of events, with the “FDR” festival taking place in the autumn of 2019 and the “FEST” taking place in June, between 13th and 18th.

What to expect from this June’s festival? Expect very visible events happening in front of the Timisoara National Theatre: complex artistic performances that combine elements of theatre, circus, music and entertaining visual effects. Here’s an overview of the events:


On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th, starting 10 PM, you will be able to enjoy the play “Station” by Spanish company Voala, an “aerial ballet” company that will take dancing to the next level (quite literally).

On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th, starting 10 PM, Timisoara will reunite by Italian company eVenti Verticali, who have also delighted us last year during FEST-FDR. EVenti Verticali will perform their show Quadro on a vertical stage, over 25m high.

QUadro Pisa 2017 from eVenti Verticali on Vimeo.


On Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th, also starting 10 PM, we will be entertained by Polish company Kto Theatre and their show “The Fragrance of Time”, a show that has been performed all over the world.

All the world’s a stage, let’s enjoy it together!


*Main article image via Teatrul National Timisoara

A young and tasty (but also alcoholic) festival coming soon! We are talking about Timisoara Craft Beer Festival 2019, which will take place between June 14th and 16th in Parcul Rozelor in Timisora (a.k.a. “the rose park”). What can you expect from the second edition of Timisoara Craft Beer Festival (TmCBF)? Craft beer, street food, good music and more…


Timisoara Craft Beer Festival turns 2 years old

Timisoara Craft Beer Festival 2019 is organised by Bibliotheka and Bereta TM, with the support of the local City Hall.

The first edition of Timisoara Craft Beer Festival took place last year. In a city that brews beer since the early 19th century, it was, of course, a success. With this in mind, this year’s edition also sounds very promising!



What to expect, in a nutshell:

Beer: But not just any beer. Craft beer. Expect to find (and taste) over 200 kinds of craft beer, produced by local and national craft beer producers.

Street Food: over 20 food trucks serving various dishes.

Live music: performed by great Romanian artists, like: Urma, Astro Generale, Melting Dice, Grave for Sale, Newgotti, DJ Angel etc.


Authentic craft beer to delight your tastebuds

Everybody enjoys a cold beer every once in a while. But craft beer is even better. TmCBF will bring together the tasty products of over 20 small breweries plus 2 Romanian cider producers. All local, all authentic, all tasty.

The list of craft beers that will be attending the festival includes local brands like Bereta and Terapia, together with Ground Zero, Hop Hooligans, Zăganu and Sikaru – from Bucharest, Hophead and Bere a la Cluj from Cluj-Napoca, and Nemțeana (from Piatra Neamț). “Young” additions to this list of participants include Double Drop Crew and Berărescu (from Timișoara), but also Bere cu Miere (from Sibiu).


Beer for the soul, food for the stomach

In case you get hungry from all this beer tasting, don’t worry. There will be many kinds of street food to chose from – from Mexican food to Asian food, sweet desserts, burgers or vegetarian meals.

You will be able to enjoy all this food in a “lounge and chill” area. In case you still want to listen to some good music when you get home, you can buy yourself a new vinyl record, as our friends from Viniloteca will be there for you.


Live music to get the party started

The craft beer and the street food should be good enough reasons to attend. The music should be just the cherry on top (not on top of the beer, but of the dessert).


For more information on Timisoara Craft Beer Festival head over to their official Facebook page here or to the dedicated event page.



A “pride” event is an event dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community and its fight for rights and ending the stigma surrounding the community – hence, the the name of “pride”. Pride parades are probably the most notorious kind of events – annual celebrations in many countries, taboo in others. While Romania has a very short history of pride events, Timisoara is going to host its first big event dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community between June 3rd-7th 2019: PRIDE Week TM.



Romanian Pride

The LGBTQ+ community does not have a history of being too visible in our country. Homosexuality was criminalised in Romanian in 1937, during the rule of Carol II and his authoritarian regime. The following episode in Romanian history, the communist regime, only made things worse.

Unfortunately, the communist regime has had echoes on many aspects of Romanian life for many years to come, including on how the LGBTQ+ community is seen. Homosexuality has finally been decriminalised in Romania in the 90s and since then, the community has been making small steps in being acknowledged and gaining equal rights. Pride events have been organised in big Romanian cities to bring awareness and spark some conversations on LGBTQ+ rights.

Timisoara PRIDE Week 2019

The first week of June will be marked by the first PRIDE Week in Timişoara, which aims to be a week dedicated to queer culture, a celebration of inclusion and art – theatre, music, conferences, etc. PRIDE Week TM is organised by Identity.Education, a partner of the “Timisoara 2021” program. 

PRIDE TM will not include a pride parade – which is something many would expect from such an event. It will, however, include several events spread out across the week, bringing together members of the local and regional LGBTQ+ community, friends and allies: 

  • Monday, 3rd of June, from 7pm, in the city centre (Opera House building): ”Personal views” – art exhibitions with works done by the local creative community for PRIDE TM
  • Tuesday, 4th of June, from 7pm, at Casa Artelor: ”Legal views” – a conference in partnership with MozaiQ about LGBTQI+ rights
  • Wednesday, 5th of June: from 6pm Hecate book launch at Cărtureşti Mercy and from 7:30pm an info bio show „At the Insitute of Change” produced by CNDB at the German Theatre
  • Thursday, 6th of June, from 7pm, at Ambasada: ”Storytelling as an element of change” conference in partnership with Decat O Revista and Accept
  • Friday, 7th of June, from 8pm, at Ambasada: the performative concert ”Songs & Ballads from Gay Herstory” by #FLUID, music by Armies and open wine bar.

Additional events will be organised by the local group eQuiVox – more details, here. Anyone who is interested and wants to know more about this community is welcome to the events.  Through the events organised, PRIDE Week TM has one message: “we are all part of a larger diverse community of Timisoara”. 

For more details about PRIDE Week TM and all the activities, check out the official Facebook event, here.


The fate of Europe might change on May 26th. This may sound dramatic – and it essentially is. On May 26th Romanians will vote for their representatives in the European Parliament. Here is what you should about voting and where you can vote in Timisoara. 


Why does voting matter?

The long answer: Voting is any citizen’s primary tool towards being an active part of society. You have the right to vote. You also have the right not to vote. Both actions mean something. The real question is: what do you want your actions to mean?

While voting is not an obligation, it is a democratic right that our country has gained through a blood-stained revolution. It is a mechanism designed to ensure a fair representation of citizens. Of course, not all of us will find their ideal candidates on the ballot paper. This mechanism is not perfect, but it becomes very flawed when a minority of people choose for the majority of the population.

When we vote, we are even more entitled to hold our representatives responsible for their actions – especially when we had made an informed choice and cast our votes. Yes, even if that sometimes means choosing “the lesser evil”.

The short answer: because grandma says so. (just kidding!) 


A vote for tourism

We love tourism, we love to travel. Without being a part of the European Union traveling freely would be less likely. Free travel is a luxury that the younger generation takes as a given and can’t imagine that could be lost in a bad political context.

Being part of a big community has its benefits. Supporting each other is the most important one and that is one of the goals of the E.U. But how is tourism affected by this?

When it comes to tourism, we are happy to be part of the E.U. because:

  • This allows us to travel all around the European Union with just an ID card, no passports or visas required.
  • This allows you to easily move to another E.U. country, find a more suitable job and make new friends. You also have access to the culture of so many different countries and experiencing these cultures can be very enriching. 
  • The E.U. makes our country more accessible to tourists. And we have such a beautiful country, it would be a shame to not show it off.
  • Our country has access to European funds – because we are all supposed to grow together, funds are available for E.U. members when they meet certain conditions. You can find out more about how funds have been used in our area here.

But these benefits do not come without any responsibilities. Voting for our country’s representatives is one of the responsibilities we all have as European citizens.

May 26th: what you should know if you are in Timisoara

Elections for the European Parliament will take place all over Europe between May 23rd and May 26th. Most countries, including Romania, will organize its elections on Sunday, May 26th. There is a total of 751 seats available for European representatives, out of which Romanian representatives will hold 33.

Romanian citizens can vote at any voting office in the country or in dedicated offices abroad. You only need a valid ID card. You can find a full list of voting offices in Timisoara here.

If you live in Timisoara, you are supposed to vote at the designated office, according to your home address. If you are a Romanian visiting Timisoara, you can vote at any office, on lists dedicated to non-residents. European citizens (non-Romanian) who want to vote for their country’s elections can only vote at their country’s embassy.


If you still feel like you are missing a piece of the European elections puzzle, you can find more information on the European Elections of the official website, And here’s a bonus video for those who want a very short overview on how the E.U. works: 


See you at the voting booth!

One of the “hottest” projects in Timisoara is around the corner! We are of course talking about Heritage of Timisoara – in short, HoT. The first event in 2019 takes place on May 11th and we are here to tell you why you should attend.

What is Heritage of Timisoara?

Heritage of Timisoara is a project developed by local NGO “Prin Banat”, with the purpose of promoting the patrimony (material and immaterial) of our city. The project involves gathering information on people and places, as well as making them available to a wide audience.
The first edition of Heritage of Timisoara took place two years ago and challenged us to discover the oldest neighborhood of Timisoara, Fabric. Last year’s edition covered the neighbourhood of Iosefin – and we’ve written about the event, here.



HoT 2019: Elisabetin and its parks

This year’s edition is focused on the “youngest” of the historical districts in our city: Elisabetin – a neighbourhood with rich vegetation and spectacular Sezession-style buildings.
This year’s concept is a bit different than in previous years as the project will be revolving around the neighbourhood’s many beautiful parks. We can imagine that the team behind HoT has spent a lot of time charting buildings and interviewing residents and now it’s time for us to enjoy the results of their work, in a series of events.
Here is a list of all HoT events you can attend:

  • HoT: Parks /1 – Piața Plevnei (Parcul Gheorghe Doja) – May 11th. Event link here.
  • HoT: Parks /2 – Piața Bisericii – May 25th. Event link here.
  • HoT: Parks /3 – Piața Vasile Adamachi – June 8th. Event link here.
  • Hot: Parks /4 – Piața Crucii – June 22nd. Event link here.
  • HoT: Parks /5 – Parcul Carmen Sylva – July 6th Event link here.




Why attend HoT: Parks?

This is a beautiful project that will help you see the city in a new light. The city has a rich history, but we don’t often take the time to uncover all the stories and mysteries that happened here before our times.
The team at HoT suggest we take the time to do so, by inviting us to:

  • public picnics – discover the city, while making friends
  • guided tours – find our more about the places and people of Elisabetin
  • various other activities, for both adults and children.

And did we mention the cool postcards?! For the first editions, HoT has worked with local artists to create original postcards involving trademarks of the city. Participants could choose a postcard and mail it for free, thus helping promote our material patrimony. (Plus, the feeling of receiving a hand-written postcard is very nice!)

All of the work behind Heritage of Timisoara can be found on the project website. Even if for some reason you can’t attend the events, you can uncover some of this work here.


See you in the park(s)!

Winter is over, the trees are blooming, birds are chirping and we are getting ready for a new season of outdoor events. And what better outdoor event that a music festival?! Introducing JazzTM 2019.

One of the best music festivals in Timisoara

In case you are not very familiar with Timisoara, you should know that JazzTM is one of the best music festivals in our area. We’ve covered the festival on our blog last year and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share more details this year too.

JazzTM 2019: When and where?

The 6th edition of JazzTM will take place during 5th-7th July 2019, in the “heart” of Timisoara, Victory Square. The event is organised by our city hall with the help of a local organisation.

It is one of the biggest free events in Timisoara and it gathers huge crowds in the city center every year. The festival’s mission is to bring high-quality music to the locals and tourists of Timisoara. It is a free festival so that everyone, regardless of wealth and interests, can enjoy the music.

JazzTM 2019: the names

But now let’s get down to why you’re reading this article: the names. There have already been two rounds of announcements and we are expecting more, so we will try to keep this article updates.

So far, the following names have been confirmed:

Tank and The Bangas

Rooted in New Orleans, Tank and the Bangas are influenced by different musical traditions. The group, made up of the five musicians, has a rare talent for combining different genres – jazz, soul, hip hop and R & B – into a stunning, cohesive “whole” that evokes the music of New Orleans while retaining an own personality.



Zara McFarlane

Zara McFarlane is considered one of the most talented jazz singer-songwriters in the UK. Her previous albums have earned many prizes. Zara’s music has diverse influences – from the spiritual jazz of Pharoah Sanders to dub and reggae.



Aron Ottignon

Born in New Zealand, Aron Ottignon has been named as one of the best jazz pianists in the Northern Hemisphere before the age of sixteen. He now lives in Europe, where he plays both with his band and in collaboration with big names.


Jazzmeia Horn

Jazzmeia Horn has won the Thelonious Monk International Vocal Jazz Competition (2015) and Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition (2013). She has been compared with Betty Carter, Nancy Wilson, and Sarah Vaughan. Jazzmeia grew up on gospel music played by her grandmother.



Laura Mvula

Laura Mvula is a British singer-songwriter who formed her first jazz/neo-soul group in 2008. She has won 22 nominations (including 2 Mercury Prizes, 7 MOBO Awards, and 3 BRIT Awards) and has had collaborations with artists such as Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Gregory Porter, David Byrne, Snarky Puppy, Jamie Cullum, Tinie Tempah, Robert Glasper, Metropole Orkest, Jacob Collier and Tom Jones.


Yussef Dayes

Yussef Dayes has gained notoriety together with his brothers Ahmad and Kareem, as the United Vibrations jazz group. Yussef’s collaborations with the bands Youssef Kamaal and United Vibrations have helped shape a whole new generation of young jazz listeners.


Moses Boyd Exodus

Born in southern London, Boyd started playing drums at the age of 13, inspired by the music of artists like Miles Davis and Dizzee Rascal. He is now a 21st-century jazz-stage celebrity.



Barabás Lőrinc Quartet

Barabás Lőrinc Quartet has released two albums since their debut in 2015 (“Beardance” 2016 and “Other Than Unusual” 2018). Their music is a mix of jazz and instrumental pop music, with influences from world music and electronic music.



For more details about the artists and the schedule, check out the official JazzTM website

Our city has been struck by lightning(s). Starting Monday, March 18th, mysterious flashes of lightning have started striking various parts of the city. If you were confused about the sudden burst of lights in your neighborhood, worry not: it is all part of “The Lightning Project”, a project developed by BEGA as part of the Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2021 project.

Here’s what we’ve managed to find out about the project so far…


The Lightning Project – What’s the deal?

While we usually cover events before they happen, this time the odds have not been in our favor. This project has been as spontaneous as lightning: the location of the event has only been announced 10 hours before the start of the event.

And that is not all! By “location of the event” we mean the neighborhood in which the show will take place. In order to find the exact location, you must search for the light – literally. A modern “treasure hunt” for the locals of Timisoara?! We certainly think so. While some have complained about the spontaneity of the event, you have to admit it’s a new and interesting concept.

The Lightning Project has been announced to take place between March 18th and March 22nd, starting 8 p.m. in 5 Timisoara neighborhoods.


Photo via BEGA.

The Lightning Project – The Artists

The show driven by lights and music has certainly drawn our attention. But who are the artists behind it?

Just like in the case of Lumen, the previous show organised by BEGA, the show is a co-production between Romanian and foreign artists. The “lightning” is yielded by the group

Lords of Lightning. The group is the outcome of a collaborative effort between the creator of Lightning for Hire in New Zealand and the creative genius behind Arcadia Spectacular in the UK.

The Romanian contribution to the show comes mainly from music group Armies. Armies is a trip-hop / ambient project started in September 2013 in our lovely city of Timișoara.

For “The Lightning Project”, Lords of Lightning have worked on the music composed by Armies. This show is a result of this collaboration.


Photo via BEGA.

When and where?

The show is performed twice each evening: the first show starts at 8 p.m. and the second one at approximately 9 p.m. So far, the show has been performed in:

  • The Student Campus (Complexul Studentesc)
  • The Soarelui Neighbourhood
  • this night’s representation will take place in the Freidorf neighborhood.

Where next?! Each of the events is announced around 10 a.m. on BEGA’s official Facebook page and in the dedicated Facebook event.

However, we have also spotted something electric in Liberty Square… And this has also been mentioned on BEGA’s Instagram page.

So, you can look for the hints yourself, while charging your phone. But does this mean there will be show in Liberty Square too? We don’t know yet, but we do have a few more days to find out….

Later Edit: On the fourth evening, the local neighbourhood of Bucovina was struck by lightning, while the last “The Lightning Project” show took place – as we well guessed – in Liberty Square. Looking forward to more intriguing events in our city!


What do you think about this project?! Have you been intrigued by it?

Linked Culture is one of the few (if not only) conferences in Romania dedicated to cultural marketing and management. The 2019 edition will take place on March 21st-22nd in Timisoara. The conference is dedicated to cultural managers and event organizers who wish to gain new perspectives on cultural marketing and management.

Why attend Linked Culture 2019?

Linked Culture is organized by one of the most renowned PR Agencies in Timisoara, PRbeta. The first edition of the conference took place in 2017.  Such an event was well-needed in Timisoara, a city with a very active cultural scene. With a strong background in organizing PR Conferences, PRbeta (the agency), decided to respond to this market need and launched Linked Culture.

This year’s conference will take place between March 21st-22nd at Incuboxx. The first day is dedicated to panel sessions, while the next day will host a series of workshops – giving those who want the expand their knowledge the chance to get some “hands-on” experience.

This year’s edition of Linked Culture gathers a series of speakers from a wide variety of fields of the cultural scene: Erwin Kessler (Director at the Museum of Recent Art Bucharest), Marius Chivu (Writer), Luiza Vasiliu (Journalist), Cristian Busuioc (Promoter/Artist Manager), Andrei Ruse (Writer/Cultural Promoter), Tudor Chiliman (Organizer Waha Festival) and more.

Linked Culture Timisoara 2018


Who should join Linked Culture 2019?

Linked Culture is mainly focused on individuals and companies who are involved in cultural actions. However, the event can be interesting for anyone working in marketing and/or event management. The “typical” participant ranges from event promoters to business owners, event organizers or just people who are new to this field and want to find out more.

Linked Culture Timisoara 2018


How much does attending Linked Culture cost?

Two-day pass: 189 lei

Day 1 pass: 139 lei

Day 2 pass: 69 lei

Students benefit from a 50% discount.


For more details about the event and tickets, visit the official Linked Culture website.


See you at the conference!

Everybody knows that Romanians are welcoming and warm people. But they are also passionate people. While the Romanians have adopted Valentine’s Day in recent years, we also have our own “celebration” of love – and it’s called Dragobete.

The Romanian celebration of love

In Romania, the holiday of Dragobete is traditionally celebrated on February 24th. In addition to a celebration of love, it is also a celebration of the spring to come. But before we tell you about how it is celebrated, we need to understand the story behind it. In order to do that, we need to look into Romanian folklore and mythology.

The legend of Dragobete

The story starts with a young girl named Dochia. Legend has it that Dochia was one of the most beautiful and pure women in our lands. Dochia’s beauty and purity attracted not only the attention of mortals but also of the gods. The god of the mountains was one of those enchanted by the girl’s beauty and purity.

One sunny day, Dochia was tired and sat to rest in the shade, at the edge of a forest, falling asleep. The god of the mountains, who had fallen in love with the girl, then found the perfect opportunity to get close to Dochia. He turned to mist and descended the mountains to where the girl was sleeping, leaving her pregnant.

Nine months later, Dochia gave birth to a son, Dragobete. At birth, he had four fairy godmothers: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The four were so happy that Dragobete was born, that each one gave him a unique gift:

Spring –  Gave him love, the freshness of flowers and eternal youth.

Summer – Gave him the sweetness of fruits and the warmth of love.

Autumn – Gave him a flute to sing to people and delight them.

Winter –  Gave him the most beautiful white clothes, that shined like diamonds.

All these gifts, generously given to him by the four seasons, helped him seduce all the unmarried women he met in his travels – because Dragobete would travel all across our lands. And this is the reason for which he became a symbol of love.

The legend claims that every year, on the night of February 23rd, Dragobete showed up in the dreams of unmarried boys and taught them everything they needed to know in order to win the heart of their beloved ones.

After hundreds of years of showing people how to love and live in good fortune, Dragobete died and transformed himself in a “navalnic” – a plant which is found until this day in Romanian forests.


Dragobete celebrations

Even though Dragobete has lost some popularity in the face of the very popular Valentine’s day, it is still celebrated in some areas in Romania.

Traditionally, on the day of Dragobete, early in the morning, unmarried boys will put their traditional festive clothes on and go to the forest. Here, they will gather flowers, the first flowers of spring, for the girl of their dreams.

At midday, the village girls will run to the center of their village and wait for the boys to come back. When the boys return to the village, they have to run and catch the girl with whom they had fallen in love. If a girl would share the boy’s feelings, she would let herself get caught and receive the flowers picked up by the boy.

It is believed that the ones who participate in this celebration are blessed with well-being and health all year round.


All the photos from this article, for which we are very grateful, have been provided by

Even though January has been a slow month for most of us, we should go out more this February. And Reflektor Venue, one of the main venues that host live concerts in Timisoara, wants to help us out. This February they have planned some busy weekends, with a series of interesting live events. We like what they are doing for the live music scene, so we thought we’d share some joy.

Highlights of live concerts in Timisoara

02.02 Saturday Party at Reflektor with Zoli Varga

New month, new party! Zoltan Varga is one of the best-known local DJs. He has an experience of over 20 of DJ-ing and vast music knowledge. He is definitely one of those DJs who knows how to start a great party – so what better way to start the month?!

11.02 Norman Baker Band

Norman Beaker has been at the forefront of the British Blues scene for over 4 decades. As of 2017, Norman was included into the Blues Hall of Fame® – a prestigious recognition indeed! Only a handful of UK artists can claim the same – Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce are two of them.

11.02 Melting Dice and The case

2 cool local bands in an evening. Joining is a very good idea, especially if you want to get aquainted with the local alternative scene.

The Case is an alternative rock band from Timisoara. The band made its debut in the spring of 2012 and can deliver an energetic and original show.

Melting Dice is a young alternative rock band that began its work in 2014. But don’t get fooled by their age, they’ve fast learned how to rock a venue.

16.02 Partizan

Partizan is one of those Romanian bands that offers a different experience with every concert. Their story started in 2001 and they haven’t stopped playing. You can never know what to expect from a Partizan , but you know it will be fun.

But that’s not all! The list of February concerts at Reflektor Venue can go on – for more details, make sure to check the event section of their Facebook page:

03.02.2019 Monolith Grows live in Timisoara

06.02.2019 Ethnofil (HUN) | Concert world music
07.02.2019 Țapinarii Anti Valentine’s Day
09.02.2019 Jucifer [USA] + vvvlv [TM] live Reflektor

13.02.2019 Jónás Vera Experiment

21.02.2019 Bohemian Betyars (HUN) | Concert speed-folk-freak-puink

23.02.2019 Jagannatha | Reflektor