If you turn to Google to ask about “Bigar waterfall”, you’re going to read a lot of positive things about it, like “the most beautiful waterfall in the world” or “most amazing waterfall in the world”. And since you are already traveling in western Romania, you might just go see it, right?!

Well, we’re here to tell you the other side of the story. Yes, Bigar waterfall is indeed beautiful, but we think there are so many other lesser known places that are more worth your visit.


Amazing place or tourist trap?

Yes, Bigar waterfall looks pretty amazing in those professional photos that you’ve seen online. Yes, the water falls nicely on the green moss, forming an interesting water curtain on its way down. But no, it’s not as big as you may think. And no, it’s not a hidden-away gem.

Yes, it’s a very pretty waterfall, but Romania has so many beautiful waterfalls, it would be unfair to call this one the most beautiful. Is it a tourist trap? You could call it that. Why?

  • it’s smaller than you think
  • it’s a highly accessible place (the main road passes near by), hence the fact that it has attracted so much visibility
  • it lacks the natural beauty of a naturally preserved place, as the surroundings have been adapted to cater to the needs of tourists.


The amazing professional photographs of Bigar waterfall have done their share of good marketing. Which is in itself not a bad thing, because people should know more about Romania’s wonderful sights.


In case you are wondering where this marketing comes from, from what we’ve managed to find out, the photo that started the rising fame of the Bigar waterfall dates back from 2010, from the international tourist guide “National Geographic Traveler – Romania”. Since then, amateur and professional photographers from all over the world have helped increase the place’s fame.


I still want to see it for myself. How do I get there?

The Bigar waterfall and the Bigar spring are located next to the Bozovici village, in the Caras-Severin country in Romania. It is part of the “Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park” and a protected area. Another way to find is to keep in mind that the 45th parallel runs pretty close to Bigar.

If you are traveling from Timisoara, there are 2 ways to get there:

  • Timisoara – Resita – Anina
  • Timisoara – Oravita – Anina



If you use Google maps, it is going to tell you that the road through Resita takes approximately 3 hours, while the one through Oravita should take you about 2,5 hours. In reality, the difference is not that much. At the time that we are writing this article, the road through Resita is better, as far as functionality is concerned. So if you don’t mind spending some extra 15 minutes on the road, this is – in our opinion – the way to go. And your (rental) car might appreciate it too!  


The bottom line: is it worth the trip?

If you are in the neighborhood, definitely, do drop by to see it for yourself. It is a pretty sight and it may be worth making your friends envious with pretty pictures of one of Romania’s most famous waterfalls. If you just want to travel there for the waterfall itself, you might be disappointed. As it easily accessible by car – no hiking is required to get there – you might as well plan a visit as part of a bigger trip. Take the time to enjoy the other beauties of the “Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park” as well!


Our recommendations would be to visit the Bigar waterfall as part of a bigger trip, maybe on your way from:

  • visiting the beautiful Semenic Mountains and chilling by one of its beautiful lakes.
  • visiting the gorgeous Danube Gorges and enjoying some sun or fish soup there.


Have you visited Bigar waterfall? How did you find it?