The Nera Gorges are among the most spectacular gorges in Romania, and also the longest, with a total length of about 20 km. They are also home to some of the greatest springs, waterfalls, and caves in the western part of Romania. 


The Eye of the Bei (or Ochiul Beiului)

The Eye of the Bei is a beautiful spot to visit in the area of the Nera Gorges. It is actually a spring which comes from deep underground: it has a depth of about 3.6 meters, with clear blue water which never freezes.

According to a local legend, a long time ago, when these lands were owned by the Ottoman Empire, the owner of these lands had a son of rare beauty. His eyes were crystal blue. The boy often went hunting around the area. While going hunting, and one day he met the daughter of a Wallachian Sheppard, whom he fell in love with. This did not please his father, as the girl was a commoner, and he ordered for the girl to be killed.

When the young son heard the news about his father’s actions, he cried in sorrow near the girl’s body, but in vain. The son chose to kill himself and from his tears and suffering the Eye of the Bey was born. It is crystal blue, as the young boy’s eyes.

The Beusnita Waterfall

Although Beusnita Waterfall is rarely featured in travel magazines, we believe it’s even more beautiful her little sister, the Bigar Waterfall, which most people have already heard of.

The Beusnita waterfall is located only 40 minutes away from the Eye of The Bei (walking distance). In order to get there, you will have to go through fairytale-like pathways and clearings. The route is excellent for hiking, as you will be hiking through the wild greenery. And did we mention that there are also many small stair-like waterfalls along the way?!

The Beusnita Waterfall has a fall of about 30 meters. The best times of the year to see it are either spring or autumn, as that’s when the rivers have the most water.


The Vaioaga Waterfall

Although not as spectacular as the Beusnita Waterfall or the Eye of the Bei, the Vaioaga waterfall is also worth a visit, especially since it’s on your way.  This waterfall is located just 1-2 kilometers from the camping area.

How to get to the Nera Gorges

The distance from Timisoara to the Bei Bridge is 130 km and, according to Google Maps, the drive takes about 2.3 hours by car. Once you get to the Bei Bridge you can either leave your car there and go on by foot, either follow the forest road (which is of course not in great shape) by car until you reach the camping area. From the camping area, it takes about 1 hour to reach the Eye of the Bei by foot and another 40 minutes to reach Beusnita Waterfall. The pathway is marked, so you only have to follow the markings.

Timisoara- Oravita-Bei Bridge: 2.3 hours
Walk to the Eye of the Bei: 1hour walk
Eye of the Bei to Beusnita Falls: 40 minutes.
The total trip back and forth: 8 hours.