The 2021 edition of Heritage of Timișoara proposes a series of events centered around 6 of the architects who have significantly contributed to the architectural heritage of Timișoara. The events will take place between 21st and 26th June 2021, in several places in the city. 


About Heritage of Timisoara

Heritage of Timisoara was born after considering the many historical buildings that our city has, but also the lack of knowledge that the general public has about these buildings. A series of events that analyzed these buildings followed. The information gathered about Timisoara’s heritage has been shared through several events, but also on the platform  


Heritage of Timisoara 2021: Architects

HoT: Architects is a Heritage of Timisoara project, a program to promote Timisoara’s material cultural heritage, raise awareness of the importance of protecting and conserving it and encourage cultural tourism in the city’s historic neighborhoods.

Heritage of Timisoara 2021 is centered on the architects that have helped shape the way our city currently architects. 6 days, 6 architects whose lives will be discussed within 6 events in 6 parts of the city.  

Here is the full list of events: 


21.06 HoT: Architects – Lipót Baumhorn

20:00 – Regina Maria Park

Projection of elements inspired by Lipót Baumhorn’s architecture.

➡ Facebook event, here.


22.06 HoT: Architects – Ede Reiter

16:00 – Regina Maria Park

The showcasing of an art installation about the life, work, and the way in which Ede Reiter contributed to the architectural and urban definition of the city of Timișoara.

➡ Facebook event, here

23.06 HoT: Architects – Martin Gemeinhardt

10: 00/ 16: 00/ 19: 00 – Ștefan cel Mare Bridge / Plevnei Square

Two guided tours from 10:00 and 16:00, during which we will visit the buildings designed by Martin Gemeinhardt; at 19:00 there will be a debate about the importance of preserving architectural heritage, Plevnei Square.

➡ Facebook event, here


24.06 HoT: Architects – Albert Krausz

18:00 – Metropolitan Cathedral / Roman Square

A treasure hunt that begins in the bus station near the Metropolitan Cathedral; an art installation consisting of elements specific to the buildings designed by Albert Krausz will be installed in the Roman Square (in front of the House of Dr. Emanuel Kohn).

➡ Facebook event, here


25.06 HoT: Architects – Jakab Klein

15:00 – Civic Park (from Iancu de Huniade Square)

Plaster workshop, during which participants will have the opportunity to reproduce three architectural elements that are missing or lost from the buildings designed by Jakab Klein.

➡ Facebook event, here


26.06 HoT: Architects – László Székely

12:00 – Anton von Scudier Central Park

Children’s games and a mini-museum, all inspired by the works of architect László Székely.

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Heritage of Timișoara is organized by the Prin Banat Association, is supported by the Order of Architects of Romania, and is realized with support from the Banat IT Association.