In a year full of canceled events, some good news is welcome and we have some for you: PLAI Festival 2020 will take place this year. The festival will take place between 11th and 17th September 2020, in a format adapted to the current pandemic situation.



Photo via PLAI.

About PLAI Festival

The first PLAI Festival edition took place in 2016. It was a success from the first edition, but over the years it has grown into one of the biggest festivals in our region. It has gained more popularity with each edition and a year with no PLAI would have been sad for many of us. 

PLAI festival is not just a music festival. It is a place and time dedicated to many art forms (music, dance, culinary arts, cinema, etc.), that brings together the entire community – from children to the elderly. 

PLAI is organized by volunteers, through the PLAI Cultural Centre, with the support of the local City Hall.  


PLAI Festival 2020

During the challenging year that 2020 has been, many events have been canceled. The team behind PLAI festival has had a few difficult months trying to figure out how to keep the movement going.

Luckily for the festival-lovers of Timisoara, a solution has been found. The festival will still be organized in 2020 – in a new format, during September 11th-17th. During this time, we will have a chance to enjoy several small events that will take place in different locations in the city. These activities will be similar to those taking place within the festival during “normal” years: concerts, documentaries, dance, pop-up art shopping, mindfulness workshops.

Unlike in the previous years, access to the festival events will be free. However, participation will be limited to a certain number of participants for each event. All events will take place outdoors and will be respecting all current health regulations and recommendations. 


#TimisoaraTourism is very excited to see how PLAI Festival 2020 will develop. We will keep you posted, as soon as we find out more!