This autumn BEGA! will introduce us to the “Happy Wall” –  a series of interactive installations, that will be placed in our city of Timisoara. Where and when can you find the happy wall(s) in Timisoara? Read more, below:



What is Happy Wall? 

Happy Wall is an interactive installation of the Danish artist, Thomas Dambo, brought to Timișoara as part of the BEGA! program. This autumn, three such installations will be placed in Timisoara. Each installation is made of 1344 wooden pixels, which can be rotated to display messages, creating large-scale pixel-art in public spaces. 

The main objective of this project is to reach and involve the local community in interacting and communicating personal or socially relevant messages.

After the installations will all be displayed, a local group of software developers will work on digitizing them, so that the physical action of writing messages on the ”wall” will be displayed in real-time, online at

The first and largest structure was just built on Saturday, November 2nd, in Iulius Town. Other installations will follow in other neighbours in Timisoara. Their placement and size will be changed once a year, until 2022. 

[Update, November 18th 2019:] Two more Happy Walls have been installed in Timisoara: one in the Children’s Park (Parcul Copiilor) and one in front of the West Univesity of Timisoara (Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara).




About BEGA! 

BEGA! is a main “Timisoara 2021” program created by PLAI together with the creative community of Timisoara. Its main mission is to “activate” the banks of the Bega river through artistic initiatives while involving the local community in these initiatives. These activities are coordinated by local organizations with international expertise.

In 2019, the BEGA! program was launched in March with a series of pop-up events in 5 neighborhoods in Timisoara. BEGA! then presented us with The Lightning Project

In 2018 BEGA! has brought Lumen to the old port of the city – a show that involved over 200 people (professionals and amateur volunteers), music, dance and video projections at a large scale. 


Photo credits: BEGA