‘Tis the season to be jolly! And who doesn’t love Christmas, with all its presents, cookies, mulled wine and the free time to relax and look forward to a jolly new year?! Timisoara, as most European cities, does its best at helping its locals and visitors nurture their Christmas spirit. And how does it do that?! The Timisoara Christmas Market is one of those ways.

[Later edit: This article talks about the 2017 Christmas market in Timisora. For our 2018 article, head here.]



Timisoara Opera House during holiday events. Photo via timisoarachristmasmarket.ro


Timisoara Christmas Market 2018: 10 years of celebrating Christmas together

Timisoara has been organizing a yearly Christmas market for the last 10 years. The market has been growing slowly, but surely, year after year.
The Christmas market brings together local artisans and merchants, as well as local food and beverage “masters”. For tourists, the Christmas market is the perfect opportunity to “taste” the local culture: from mulled wine, to mulled “tuica” (a traditional Romanian drink, similar to brandy), to traditional sweets and traditional meat products, you can have your pick of authentic Romanian food.


Local products at the Timisoara Christmas Market, photo via timisoarachristmasmarket.ro

In addition to these culinary delights, you can of course also do some of your Christmas shopping here. We’ll be honest here: not all the products are truly “authentic” or “crafted” locally, but some of them are. Unfortunately, the local authorities aren’t too strict in selecting who gets to display their goods in the Christmas market and so you can find some “generic” products there too. However, you can find beautiful handcrafted jewelry, knitted products, and beautiful Christmas decorations.


Artisan gifts at the Timisoara Christmas Market, photo via timisoarachristmasmarket.ro


Timisoara Christmas Market: When and where?

The Timisoara Christmas Market takes place every year starting December 1st and up to January 8th in the Victory Square in Timisoara.

In addition to the market itself, there are several events planned here for the holiday season, including live pop concerts of popular Romanian artists. So, if you happen to drop there in the evening, you might enjoy some entertainment as well. You can find more details about the events here.


Bonus: 2nd Christmas Market in Timisoara

The winter of 2017 marks the opening of a second Christmas market in Timisoara, in the old Citadel of Timisoara.

This “Christmas at the Citadel” market has been organised by the Banat Museum. Even though this market is smaller than the more central one, as it is surrounded by the old citadel of Timisoara, it is a very pretty sight and therefore a great place to enjoy a mug of mulled wine.
This second market will also host several events during the holiday season.

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