Traveling to Timișoara and not sure how to get around in Timisoara? Wondering if you can “walk it through” or how much it would cost you to take a taxi? We’ve got you covered! 

When traveling to a new city, you usually want to know more about how to get around. Some cities have traffic issues, others don’t, some have good public transport, others don’t. Well, what about Timișoara? 

Walking in Timișoara

Timișoara is a large city by Romanian standards. However, if you come from a big city or are fond of city breaks in huge cities, like Berlin or Barcelona, you will find that it’s really not that big. Most of the things you’ll want to visit are within walking distance of the city centre. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be staying in the outskirts of Timisoara, but it shouldn’t take you more than one hour to reach the city centre from anywhere in the city anyway. If you walk rather fast, you can probably cross the whole city in about an hour from its more popular neighborhoods.

Public transport în Timișoara

We’ll have to be honest here: public transport in Timișoara (and generally in Romania) isn’t great. Timisoara does not have a subway/ metro line, so, unfortunately, most public transport will be influenced by the overall city traffic. Trams are usually a bit faster, as they don’t interact with other transportation lanes very often. Buses on the other hand, most often share the same road with the many city cars.

On the bright side, public transport in Timisoara is pretty cheap: one bus ticket costs 2 lei, while one express bus ticket costs 2,5 lei. This translates to less than 0,5 euros. Express buses, unlike the other buses, don’t stop so often and normally travel from one side of the city to another.

You can buy the tickets from special shops in the stations or sometimes even in small shops around these stops. Not all the stations have tickets shops, so if you’re confused, just ask around. But here’s an unethical tip for you: in Timisoara nobody asks for your ticket once you get on the bus/ tram. The tickets are only checked by patrols that come aboard every now and then. So, if you’re not traveling far and feeling adventurous, you can also take a chance.

You should also know that while some public transport stops have displays that show when the next bus/ tram is going to come, these aren’t always reliable. As for public transport routes, you can check them out on the official public transport website, or by downloading their official app. The routes aren’t really displayed properly elsewhere – neither in the buses/ trams nor in the bus stops. That’s why, if you’re considering public transport, it’s best that you first ask a local for the best lines to take.

Traveling by taxi/ Uber in Timisoara

If you normally use Uber, then you will be able to keep using it in Timisoara. Most of the drivers are really nice, speak English and Uber is getting more and more popular in Romania.

If you want to travel by taxi, you should first know that it’s pretty safe, unfortunately very few of them speak English. Tourists are normally afraid of traveling alone in Romania, but Timisoara is generally pretty safe. We haven’t heard any gruesome stories lately, anyway. Not involving taxis. (just kidding!)

Taxi fares are pretty low, considering other European cities, costing about 2 lei/ km (less than 0,5 Euro). But there’s always that small chance that you will also get a city tour included – that is, the driver will take the long way, to charge you more. It’s up to you to decide if you trust that particular driver or not.

Getting around by bike in Timisoara

Biking has become more and more popular in Timisoara in recent years. Designated bike lanes have been introduced and many people prefer to bike in order to avoid the city traffic.

There are also “public transport” bikes for those living in Timisoara, but for now, they are not available for tourists. (We’re really hoping we will be able to update this piece with some good news soon.)

If you have friends from whom you can borrow a bike, you should be able to get around just fine. But make sure you lock your bike carefully – they do get stolen quite often.

Getting around by car in Timisoara

You should probably know that Timisoara, even though not a huge city, has an issue with traffic and parking spots. Parking is allowed around the city centre, but don’t expect to find a spot easily, especially during work hours! If you’re coming to Timisoara by car, we advise you to find a nice parking spot near your accommodation and then forget about it.

Because the problem of parking is a bit complex, we have dedicated a whole article to the topic. Click here for our tips of what to expect when traveling by car to Timisoara.

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