Airport Transfer TImisoara

Every time you visit a new city and arrive there by plane, one of the first problems you encounter is the airport transfer. What are your options if you visit Timisoara? How to get from Timisoara airport to the city centre? Public transport, Uber or taxi – see which best suits you. 

Public Transport

Public transport is the most affordable way to reach the city from the airport. Within 30 minutes, you can arrive near the city center, the last bus stop being “The Cardinal Points”.

The bus stop is just 5 meters away, once you exit the airport. The ticket price is only  2.5 lei (about 50 cents) and you can find tickets at the newspaper stand in the airport. You can also pay via SMS, using the 24Pay app which you can find on PlayStore or on the AppStore if you are an iPhone user. The only downside is that the bus only leaves once every hour. For a detailed schedule, see the airport bus timetable here.

Disclaimer: The timetables were taken from the Public Transport website, traffic conditions may change these times. For going from the city to the airport we recommend arriving at the bus station earlier or taking a taxi or an Uber.


Uber is quite popular in Timisoara,  and your account is accepted anywhere in the world.  The fair from the airport to any place in the city  should not be more than 50-60 lei, which is approximately 15-16 Euros


This should be your last option if you are planning to go from the airport to Timisoara. In front of the airport there are a lot of “private” taxis which charge you extra.  A taxi ride should not cost you more than 70 lei, or 18 Euros. Make sure you ask the taxi driver which is the approximate fare to take you to your accommodation and also make sure they start the fare machine. Some taxi drivers will be nice and honest, but better safe, than sorry!


Hopefully, we’ve managed to save you some time and some frustrations with this article about how to get from Timisoara airport to the city.  We are curious: which option did you take and how did it go? Enjoy your stay!