If you’re a wine lover you should know that Romania produces quite a lot of wines. And that means that you can find good wineries all across the country! As for Timisoara, you can find many kinds of local wine at either supermarkets, liquor stores or dedicated wine places. If you are a wine connoisseur who would like to enjoy a night out with some of the best wine in town, this article is for you. Here are our favorite places when it comes to having wine in Timisoara:

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1. Vinto

If you would like to indulge in an evening of good food and good wine, then this is the right place! You can find Vinto right in the “heart” of Timisoara, near the Union Square, where most of the fun happens during the weekend.

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What to expect?

Paired food and wine. This is probably what’s more interesting about Vinto – their menu includes pairings of food and drinks. If you’re not sure what to have, you can just ask for advice – the people know both their wine and their food. Vinto offers an impressive amount of wine to choose from and tasty interesting food.


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2. Enoteca de Savoya

Enoteca de Savoya is a traditional “wine place” and it is the oldest place in this city with this profile. You can pay a visit to Enoteca de Savoya to enjoy a glass of wine, to buy a bottle of wine, or to attend one of the regular wine tastings that they organise. They regularly organise all kind of events, so it might be a good idea to check before heading there.

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What to expect?

A lot of wine. Wine tastings. A lot of space and friendly people. Wine and cheese. Do go there to enjoy an evening with friends and wine.


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3. The Wine Guy

Yes, there is a guy behind “the wine guy”! And this is a guy who knows his wine! (too much word play?!) Anyway, “The Wine Guy” is another one of the top places in town where you can find good wine. You can go there to get recommendations to buy wine or to actually have a glass of wine.

Beware, the place is quite small – only a few tables available. But they also organise wine tastings regularly. These are usually booked in advance, as we have a lot of wine lovers in town.

What to expect?

Small, but cute and cosy. Knowledgeable wine guy. Good wine for all budgets.