Music lovers, this article is for you! While tourist attractions are nice and our city has a lot to offer, we know you sometimes just want to plan a night out! While nightlife in Timisoara is abundant (more on that in a future article), we dedicate this article to those who love live music and want to find good concerts in Timisoara.
If you’re visiting Timisoara and are not sure where to go out for live music, search no more: Reflektor Venue is here!


Photo via Reflektor Venue

Nothing better than a cold drink and live music

Reflektor Venue is a laid-back place that you can visit either to grab a beer with your friends or to enjoy a live show. Or both!
It opened up in Timisoara in 2018 and has fast become one of the most loved concert venues in Timisoara – not only by locals but also by foreigners. Since they have opened, they’ve hosted various types of events, parties, theatre plays, stand-up comedy shows and, most importantly (and our favorites), live concerts!
The place itself is pretty casual, perfect for a “chill” night out and – most importantly – their concert room is well-equipped. They know that flawless sound is important for a great live gig.


Photo via Reflektor Venue

Great musical variety – choose your “poison”

The greatest part about this venue is that you never know what great concert you might find on their list. Their events are various, but they do have something in common: they are good. Live concerts vary from metal to alternative rock to blues concerts, so no matter your musical “poison”, they probably have an event or two planned for you. The venue’s Facebook page is frequently updated with information about upcoming events, so do check it out to start making some “night out” plans.

Their past “lineup” includes local bands from Romania but also artists who are touring around Europe. We’ll just name a few of their past events to get you even more curious: Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers (Canada), Vita de Vie (Romania), Planet of Zeus (Greece), Marko Mendoza (US) etc.


How to reach Reflektor Venue?

You can find their address below and don’t worry, though the location isn’t exactly central, a taxi or an Uber will take you there for less than 18 lei (about 4 Euros).