Tired of tidy coffee shops and pubs?! Want an “alternative” experience?! Something casual, not pretentious and maybe,different?! Well then, you should give Scârț a visit. This article is dedicated to this unique “3 in 1” place in Timișoara. A bar, a theatre and a museum…


Scârț, loc lejer – the quirky bar

“Scârț” is in itself a quirky name for a bar. It’s such a good name, that we can’t even translate it for you. We could translate it as “squeak”, but that would only cover about 50% of the meaning. But if you are around, you could try to get a decent translation! We dare you!

The “loc lejer” part is the easy one: it basically means casual place. And this is indeed a casual place! Feel free to come here whenever you have spare time, to enjoy a drink and talk to the locals. Both the owners and the usual clientele are open-minded and friendly people. If you’re visiting alone, you can bring your laptop so that you don’t get bored – though that shouldn’t be a problem. But we’ve seen people work from here before, it’s that casual that nobody minds.

As for the bar itself, one piece of advice: Don’t expect anything neat and tidy. The place is a beautiful messy kitschy place. It’s like somebody dropped different pieces of furniture and decorations from 10 different apartments here. In a nice way. You’ll have to check it out for yourselves to see what we mean.


Did we mention they also have a really nice garden? If you visit in the summertime, you will be able to sip your beer in their lush garden. And it’s lovely! Just imagine chilling in your grandma’s old garden with a bunch of other people around.


The Communist Consumers’ Museum

Ah, yet another beautiful mess! In short, this is an “alternative” museum worth a visit when in Timișoara. Ironically, if you search for it on TripAdvisor it has better reviews than our “traditional” museums.

Located in the same house as Scârț, but in the basement, the Communist Consumers Museum is dedicated to those things that Romanians owned during the communist regime. This may come as a shock to those who have not experienced communism, but back then Romanian homes were scarily similar, as Romanians had limited access to all sorts of goods. We have already talked about the museum in our article about the best museums in Timișoara, so we are not going to get into too much detail again.

Visiting the museum is free, but donations are welcome! Hint: there are three piggie-banks right at the entrance.


Auăleu Theatre

If you understand some Romanian and want the explore the local theatre scene, then do book a spot for one of these guys’ shows. Some of the guys behind the Auăleu theatre group are the ones who have founded Scârț (and later the Communist Consumers’ Museum). So it was actually theatre first, beer later.


Source: http://aualeu.ro/blog/


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