Where to eat in Timisoara? We have written about that before and, since Timisoara has so many pubs and restaurants, we plan to keep on writing about the places that we discover in the city. But sometimes general recommendations are not enough. If you are vegan or vegetarian, “regular” restaurants can be limiting.


While you can find some vegetarian food in most restaurants, it can be refreshing to eat at an all-vegetarian restaurant from time to time. There’s always the option of having vegetarian pizza every day, but that will get boring at one point, won’t it?! If you are in need of recommendations, here are some vegetarian restaurants in Timisoara:



Photo via Biofresh (Facebook)

1. Biofresh

This is the oldest restaurant in the city that serves exclusively vegetarian food. As the name suggests, the food is always “bio” and “fresh”. Most of all, their menu is complex: you can choose between several vegetarian pastas, soups, sandwiches and even sweets.

While all the food served is at least vegetarian, you can also find some raw-vegan dishes on their menu. The raw-vegan desserts are particularly popular, so do try them out if you have a sweet tooth.

Biofresh is quite a big restaurant, that also has a small terrace on one of the city’s pedestrian streets. It can get crowded during lunch time, as it offers a “daily menu”, which is popular with people who work in the area.

Where is it?



Photo via Lamia (Facebook)

2. Lamia

For those of you who are either vegan or on a gluten-free diet, we have another recommendation: Lamia, a small and cozy vegan restaurant hidden away near the old city centre. The place is not very big and unfortunately has no summer terrace, but it is the only restaurant in town where you can choose from a large gluten-free menu.

The food is interesting and the menu is pretty rich for such a “niche” Romanian restaurant. You can match the food either with some organic tea, fresh juices or plain water – the water is on the house. The place itself, though simple in decorations, has a warm bohemian feeling to it.

Where can you find it?


3. Radha Cuisine

This is another “hidden gem” in Timisoara. Radha Cuisine is not a traditional restaurant, but it does serve good Indian vegetarian food. It is not “traditional”, as it does not have a set menu. Rather, they offer “daily” menus – the menu changes each day and each day you can choose between two 2 soups and 2 main dishes. You pay a small price for the whole menu, which includes dessert. And speaking of desserts, there is a rich selection of home-made sweets and pastries that you can purchase at the location. 

As for the location, the place is pretty small, as it seems to be more of a “takeaway” restaurant. It does, however, host a few tables, where you can have a quick but tasty lunch.

Where can you find it?


Vegetarian food in the city centre – other options

If these three options are not enough, you can always go for other restaurants and try to adapt a recipe to your needs. While not all chefs agree to change their recipes for a certain customer, local restaurants have adapted to vegetarian demands in recent years and many now serve at least some vegetarian/ vegan dishes. The Tube and Urban are two of the restaurants in the city centre serve a vegetarian daily menu in addition to their “classical” menu.


We hope we’ve managed to make your visit to Timisoara yummier! Did you eat anything interesting while in Timisoara? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!