Music lovers, this article is for you! While tourist attractions are nice and our city has a lot to offer, we know you sometimes just want to plan a night out! While nightlife in Timisoara is abundant (more on that in a future article), we dedicate this article to those who love live music and want to find good concerts in Timisoara.
If you’re visiting Timisoara and are not sure where to go out for live music, search no more: Reflektor Venue is here!


Photo via Reflektor Venue

Nothing better than a cold drink and live music

Reflektor Venue is a laid-back place that you can visit either to grab a beer with your friends or to enjoy a live show. Or both!
It opened up in Timisoara in 2018 and has fast become one of the most loved concert venues in Timisoara – not only by locals but also by foreigners. Since they have opened, they’ve hosted various types of events, parties, theatre plays, stand-up comedy shows and, most importantly (and our favorites), live concerts!
The place itself is pretty casual, perfect for a “chill” night out and – most importantly – their concert room is well-equipped. They know that flawless sound is important for a great live gig.


Photo via Reflektor Venue

Great musical variety – choose your “poison”

The greatest part about this venue is that you never know what great concert you might find on their list. Their events are various, but they do have something in common: they are good. Live concerts vary from metal to alternative rock to blues concerts, so no matter your musical “poison”, they probably have an event or two planned for you. The venue’s Facebook page is frequently updated with information about upcoming events, so do check it out to start making some “night out” plans.

Their past “lineup” includes local bands from Romania but also artists who are touring around Europe. We’ll just name a few of their past events to get you even more curious: Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers (Canada), Vita de Vie (Romania), Planet of Zeus (Greece), Marko Mendoza (US) etc.


How to reach Reflektor Venue?

You can find their address below and don’t worry, though the location isn’t exactly central, a taxi or an Uber will take you there for less than 18 lei (about 4 Euros).

If you’re a wine lover you should probably that Romania produces quite a lot of wines. And that means that you can find good wineries all across the country! As for Timisoara, you can find many kinds of local wine at either supermarkets, liquor stores or dedicated wine places. If you are a wine connoisseur who would like to enjoy a night out with some of the best wine in town, then this article is for you. Here are our favorite places when it comes to having wine in Timisoara:


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1. Vinto

If you would like to indulge in an evening of good food and good wine, then this is the right place! You can find Vinto right in the “heart” of Timisoara, near the Union Square, where most of the fun happens during the weekend.

Just click on the map below to find the exact location:

What to expect?

Paired food and wine. This is probably what’s more interesting about Vinto – their menu includes pairings of food and drinks. And if you’re not sure what to have, you can just ask for advice – the people know both their wine and their food. Vinto qualifies as a “fancy” restaurant for Timisoara standards. They have an impressive amount of wine to choose from and good and interesting food. This also means that it’s on the “pricey” side of town



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2. Enoteca de Savoya

Now, this is a traditional “wine place”. It is the oldest place in this city with this profile. You can pay a visit to Enoteca de Savoya, to enjoy a glass of wine, to buy a bottle of wine, or to attend one of the regular wine tastings that they organize. They regularly organize all kind of events, so it might be a good idea to check before heading there.

Just click on the map for the exact location:

What to expect?

A lot of wine. Wine tastings. A lot of space and friendly people. Wine and cheese. Do go there to enjoy an evening with friends and wine.



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3. The Wine Guy

Yes, there is a guy behind “the wine guy”! And this is a guy who knows his wine! (too much word play?!) Anyway, “The Wine Guy” is another one of the top places in town where you can find good wine. You can go there to get recommendations to buy wine or to actually have a glass of wine.

Beware, the place is quite small – only a few tables available. But they also organise wine tastings regularly. These are usually booked in advance, as the place is quite small and we have a lot of wine lovers in town.

What to expect?

Small, but cute and cozy. Knowledgeable wine guy. Good wine for all budgets.

While Timisoara has a lot to offer when it comes to pubs and bars for tourists, there are also places known mostly by the locals. If you are the kind of traveler who likes to discover these hidden gems when traveling to a new city, you know what we are talking about. And if you fall into this category of people and are also a vinyl music lover, Viniloteca is the place for you.


The concept: Viniloteca is the place where craft beer and pieces of vinyl go hand in hand.

Opened in 2015, Viniloteca is both a vinyl shop and a pub. The main attraction here is represented by the very impressive vinyl collection. And, of course, customers can choose what to listen to while enjoying a cold craft beer.At the moment they own a collection of over 600 vinyl records and serve over 100 types of craft beers from all over the world.


The music: The music here is delightful for the soul.

In Viniloteca, you will hear a vast variety of music, from 20s music, up to the most recent releases from 2017. The music here covers most music genres, from Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Dub to Funk, Hip-Hop, Electronic and many more. As a music lover, you will surely find something to your liking here. And it gets better! If you like the music, you can actually buy the vinyl records that are on display! The price for a second-hand vinyl starts at 15 Euros, while the most expensive ones are around 50 euros.

The beer: It’s said that every beer has a story and the guys from Viniloteca certainly know which beers to pick.

Best Beers in Timisoara- Viniloteca

As we’ve mentioned before, vinyl records and craft beer go hand in hand. You can choose from over 50 brands of craft beer from all over the world. Whether you like ginger or raspberry flavors, black or blond beer, or any other combination, you will certainly find something for your taste.
If you are not sure what to order, just ask the bartender. He will definitely recommend you something. During our last visit at Viniloteca, he mentioned that he had drunk over 2000 different kinds of beer so far; and he never drinks the same several times.
If you want our recommendation, it’s “Bereta”, a craft beer made by some folks here in Timisoara. They always produce different kinds of craft beer, never repeating the same recipe twice.

The people: vinyl lovers flock together

Viniloteca’s customers are different from the mainstream public – vinyl lovers are just different. It takes one to know one, maybe. But the people that normally hang out here come from different backgrounds: they may be musicians, artists, writers, photographers, programmers, designers or freelancers. But this is a good thing, as you can meet people with similar tastes to yours.

If you like vinyl and craft beer, this is the place for you.