Where to eat in Timisoara? Here are some tested and “tasted” tips from locals.


Visiting new places is always a good idea, but finding good food in a new city can make any visit better! We know how important it is to find nice restaurants when visiting a new city. If you are wondering about the best restaurants in Timisoara, we have good news: there are many restaurants to choose from!

Since it’s difficult to cover all of them, we thought we could offer you a “local’s guide” of our favourite restaurants in Timisoara. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite restaurants, that:

  1. have been around for a while (and hence we trust them),
  2. we’ve tested and enjoyed,
  3. are not too pricey and,
  4. most of all, are somewhat interesting, offering a pleasant visit.

And since we know you also want to explore the city, we did not shy away from including places that are not in the central area of the city. Here are our suggestions on how to create your own “culinary journey” through Timisoara:


Photo via locandadelcorso.ro

1. Locanda del Corso


Since the city centre and the area around the old city citadel are the most popular for tourist, we will start with a recommendation that is right in the old city centre: Locanda del Corso.

Located near the Union Square, Locanda del Corso has been around for a while and it is popular with locals and tourists alike. As you can probably guess from the name, the place serves mainly Italian dishes – and their pasta dishes and pizzas are delicious! Do try them out and match them with a glass of wine, as Locanda has a good selection of wines available.

The place is popular both in the evening and during lunchtime,  for people who work in the area but also due to the large number of tourists. If you would like to go there for dinner, we advise you to book ahead – it is a popular place, especially in the evening. If you visit in the summertime, you can enjoy your dinner on their lovely terrace, on one of the city’s pedestrian streets.

Where to find it: 10, Marasesti Street, close to the Union Square



Photo via Homemade (Facebook)

2. Homemade


While you can find several restaurants in the centre of Timisoara, we want to take you on journey through the city. So let us leave the city centre to find interesting restaurants found in other neighbourhoods. Next stop, Homemade: a lovely restaurant serving “homemade” food, located in a historic building in the Elisabetin neighbourhood.

The name of this place is quite suggestive: a visit to Homemade feels very similar to visiting someone’s home. The place is very cosy and offers a friendly atmosphere. It is also very colourful and decorated like somebody’s home: with pictures on the walls, various decorations and a bunch of DIY objects.

The food also feels “homemade”. The menu isn’t very rich, but the food is rich in flavour. The plates served are not too complex, but not average either. They are just right for a cozy evening out with friends and family. It is advisable to book a table, as the place isn’t very big and it can get crowded around dinnertime.

Where to find it: 40, Gh. Doja Street, close to Balcescu Square in the Elisabetin neighbourhood



Photo via Musiu (Facebook)

3. Musiu


Our next stop is Musiu, even further from the city centre, but with a wonderful garden that will compensate for the trouble of taking slightly more time to get there. We recommend sipping a cold drink in that lovely garden while waiting for your order. Take your time and enjoy the cozy atmosphere and the chill music.

Musiu has the same “homey” vibe like Homemade and a visit there feels quite similar to visiting an old friend’s fashionable home. You can even find books in one of the rooms! The food is delicious, with few ingredients blended in interesting combinations. If you’re visiting over the weekend, it might be safer to book ahead.

Where to find it: 1B Maresal Averescu Street


Photo via sabres.ro

4. Sabres Restaurant


Not too far from the city centre, but located close to the new Soarelui neighbourhood, you can find the best fish dishes in town, at Sabres restaurant. This place is more on the pricey side, but it has an elegant atmosphere and it’s not that easy to find good fish dishes in this part of the world. If you love eating fish, it will be worth your visit!

They also have a beautiful cozy terrace where you can enjoy your meal, away from the noise of the city.

Where to find it: 1 Craiova Street, close to the students’ campus



Photo via Casa Bunicii (Facebook)

6. Casa Bunicii


We’ve saved this restaurant for last because it’s hard to place it on the city map, as it actually has two locations: one near Balcescu Square (not too far from Homemade, actually) and one in Dumbravita (on the outskirts of the city). Both are lovely, so you can pick the one closest to you.

Casa Bunicii” can be translated as “Grandma’s House” and the food served is also meant to remind you of grandma’s cooking. You can find traditional local dishes here, like the Schwaben “spaetzle”, “scoverzi” (pancakes) or appetizers typical for our area, so this restaurant is worth a visit if you want to try some local flavours. They also serve all-natural juices, like grandma would, so bonus point for keeping us healthy!

Where to find them: 3, Virgil Onitiu Street (near Balcescu Square) or 79 Petofi Sandor Street (Dumbravita)


What about you? What are your favourite restaurants in Timisoara?

We will be offering more tips on where to eat in Timisoara in our upcoming articles, so let’s keep in touch on Facebook or Instagram!

Have you ever heard anybody say they hated pizza?! Neither have we. We think everybody loves (or at least likes) pizza. Italian by origin, pizza has become that universal food that is usually good both for the soul and the stomach.


Feeling down? Pizza. Too lazy to cook? Pizza. In a new city and with no idea what to eat? Pizza just seems to be the answer to so many questions and that’s why we have decided to dedicate an article to it. If you’re a pizza lover visiting Timisoara or just an uninspired travel in town, La Pizza Napoletana is where you can find (in our humble opinion) some of the best pizza in Timisoara.

Pizza in true Neapolitan fashion

The name of this pizza place is pretty straightforward: you can find pizza following the original Neapolitan recipe here. This is believed to be the “original” Italian pizza: made from a thin layer of dough, that is still “puffy”, especially around the edges. This is said to be easy to digest – so maybe it’s the “healthy” way of eating pizza?! We’re not sure about its nutritional value, but the taste has won our appreciation!

La Pizza Napoletana: The menu

La Pizza Napoletana’s pizza menu features several kinds of pizza, from the classic “margherita” to their own mixes – like the “Voichi” kind: pumpkin cream, mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, fennel, parmesan and olive oil.

In true Neapolitan fashion, most pizzas come topped with yummy mozzarella. The rest of the ingredients are also high-quality and blend in perfectly.

You can then match your pizza with a cold local beer, coffee or lemonade. If you’re visiting in the warm season, you’ll have a chance to eat outdoors, on their lovely terrace.

The bottom line: why eat at Napoletana?

Yummy pizza, cozy and casual place, lovely terrace in the summertime. Make sure to also follow them on Instagram.

Where can you find La Pizza Napoletana and the best pizza in Timisoara?  Just click here.

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