There’s a new bookstore in Timisoara and we have to tell you all about it! The bookstore brand Carturesti has recently opened a new bookstore right in the “heart” of the city: Carturesti Operei. Here’s why you should pay a visit. 


Carturesti – a Romanian brand

The history of Carturesti goes back to the year 2000 and a small bookstore in Bucharest. Built around the love of art and books, but also around the desire to build a community, the brand has grown considerably during the last 20 years, opening bookstores in several Romanian cities. It has also managed to build a community of book readers, music listeners, and beauty-lovers. 



Carturesti Operei

Carturesti currently has 3 shops open in Timisoara: one in Iulius Mall, another on Mercy Street, near Unirii Square, and one more (the most recent and perhaps the largest) in Victory Square – also known as “Carturesti Operei”. 


The opening of the latest Carturesti bookstore in Timisoara has brought in quite a crowd – showing how beloved the brand is. If you are a tourist visiting Timisoara, you are probably going to spot the place while walking down the “corso” (the promenade area between the Opera House and the Orthodox Cathedral). 


Why visit a bookstore when traveling to Timisoara?


  1. Books: In addition to Romanian-language books, Carturesti sells a wide range of foreign-language books. You will find, for example, numerous books in English. 
  2. Music: You can also expect good music in Carturesti, as the bookstore also loves good films and good music. 
  3. Souvenirs: If you are looking for original souvenirs to take home to your loved ones, you will find them here: mags, tea sets, notebooks, original office supplies. Many of these are designed by either renowned brands, or by Romanian designers.
  4. Tea: Last but not least, you can purchase healthy and tasty tea. Because a good book can always be served with a good cup of tea.