We are witnessing troubled times and while we are doing our best to stay home and protect our loved ones, we also want to help our community overcome this situation.

“Timisoara Tourism” is a project dedicated to promoting Timisoara’s tourism potential. Our city is beautiful and has so much potential… But right now it also needs our help. As we know we are not only followed by travellers, but also by the local community, we want to try to use our platform to raise awareness on the projects that are currently trying to make a difference.


How can we help?

If you feel like doing something to ease the burden of this pandemic, here are some projects and fundraisers that you can support:

  1. Fundraising to help the Victor Babes hospital in Timisoara: We don’t know what to expect, but there have been warnings that things are going to get worse before they get better. You can support the hospital by making a 2-euro donation via text message or you can donate a bigger amount of money directly. More details, here.
  2. Fundatia Comunitara Timisoara is also raising money from individuals and businesses alike to support local hospitals. You can read about what they are doing and their results so far, on their Facebook page.
  3. The 3d printing of mechanical ventilator components: If you own a 3D printer or a CNC device, you can volunteer to help. You can find more details on the page VentilaTM.
  4. The printing and crafting of medical visors for doctors: FOR and AZERO are two organisations currently involved in that. They could use some help with the printing, but also with gathering materials. 
  5. Helping citizens who are at risk: You can of course help your elderly neighbours but, if you have more time and want to do more, you can access this Facebook group and you can volunteer by using this form. You can also volunteer on your own or with a group of friends/family; you should however register as a volunteer with the City Hall before doing that.
  6. Buy art for a good cause: A piece of art could make your staying home more pleasant. On art-gift.ro you can can choose from a selection of artworks that have been donated by local artists to help the Victor Babes hospital in Timisoara. The idea is simple: you buy one of the selected artworks and the money is then donated to the hospital.


Do you know other great initiatives?

This list is rather short, as we are aware that there are many more needs and more initiatives in our city. Most medical are in need of resources, but we haven’t found a centralized list yet.

We will try to keep this article updated and to promote any great initiatives out there. If you know any other interesting initiatives, please get in touch with us using either the contact form or via Facebook.


This does not mean you shouldn’t STAY HOME

Just to be clear, we are not advising you to get out of your house. On the contrary, we are urging you to stay home. But we are aware that we need to support each other right now. If you leave your home to help others, be aware of the threat, don’t forget about washing your hands and keeping your distance.


Stay safe, everyone!


Photo credits: Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara