Finding the perfect outdoor activities for your stay in Timisoara may be quite a hassle if you rely just on a search on Google. To help you out, we have searched for the lesser-known things you can do in Timisoara. And we’ve already tried them out! Paragliding flights, acro flights with a jet plane or aerial tours…pick your choice. Whatever you choose, we can assure you each of them are totally worth it, especially if you are visiting Timisoara for a few days.


Paragliding Flights

Although this won’t take place in the city, a paragliding flight is definitely something you should take off your bucket list. Did we mention that the paragliding flights are one of the main attractions for travelers on Trip Advisor?

The paragliding flights take place in Clopotiva, a small village just two hours away from Timisoara, at the base of the Retezat Mountains.A tandem paragliding flight means that you will fly together with a professional pilot. You, together with the instructor, will take off from an altitude of about 1000 meters. The instructor will do the flying, while you will only have to enjoy the view and the experience.

A paragliding flight lasts for about 30 minutes, depending on the weather conditions and yes, the photos and videos are included in the price.

Cost: 65 euros




Acro Flights above Timisoara


We have a special recommendation for adrenaline lovers: an acrobatic flight with the only SkyBolt acro-plane in Romania. The plane will take you up about 3000 meters in the air. From that altitudine, the pilot will start doing loops, dives, and many other acrobatic maneuvers. The flights take about 15-20 minutes but, rest assured, that is plenty of time to feel the full power of the SkyBolt

The best thing is that the flights take place just 5 minutes away from Timisoara you can even get there with an Uber.

Please note, the plane has only two places: for the passenger and for the pilot. In case you want to live this experience with your friends, don’t worry, you can take turns.

Cost: 100 Euros


 Aerial Tour Above Timisoara

Timisoara is a beautiful city, but it’s even more beautiful from above. One of the alternatives of visiting the city on foot, is to see the city from above.

You will get to fly with a Dynamic VT-9 plane and do a full round above Timisoara. The trip is specially created for the people who just want to enjoy the scenery.

The flights takes about 30 minutes, enough to take dozens of photos and also enjoy Timisoara from a different “point of view”.

Cost: 75 Euros




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