Timisoara, European Capital of Culture 2021, has a very active cultural scene. While numerous events are organized in the city all year round, locals and travelers can also enjoy regular events thanks to the city’s public cultural institutions.

What are the things to do in Timisoara, if you want to get familiar with the city’s local culture scene? You can go see a theatre play, enjoy the opera or a Philharmonic concert.


The Palace of Culture in Timisoara – One building, four institutions

Timisoara National State Theatre City Center


The Palace of Culture in Timisoara, located in Victory Square (formerly known as “The Opera Square”), was built in the late 19th century by the famous architecture firm “Helmer and Fellner”. The firm is responsible for designing several cultural institutions across the former Habsburg Empire.

Even though the building has lost its original facade in a fire, it was given a new “face” and has remained, until this day, a landmark of Timisoara. The building of the Palace of Culture currently hosts 4 different cultural institutions: The National Opera and 3 National Theatres.


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Timisoara, the only city in Romania with 3 national theatres

Back in 1953, Timisoara became the first and only city in Romania to host 3 National Theatres: The Romanian State Theatre, The Hungarian State Theatre, and The German State Theatre.



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The “Mihai Eminescu” National Romanian Theatre

The theatre hosts Romanian plays, usually performed by local actors and directed by various Romanian directors. The plays are in Romanian, so this might be an interesting experience if you have already studied the language a bit.

The German National Theatre

The German National Theatre serves the local community plays in the German language, with Romanian subtitles. Timisoara has a strong German community and this National Theatre dates back to the early 20th century, though the city had seen German-speaking performances long before that.

“Csiky Gergely” Hungarian National Theatre

The “Csiky Gergely” Hungarian National Theatre is another sign of the city’s multiculturality. The theatre has an impressive repertoire and, interestingly, the plays have Romanian and English subtitles – which makes them easy to enjoy by English-speaking tourists.


National Opera in Timisoara & Philharmonic

Music is a “universal” language an those who are interested in classical music can enjoy it in Timisoara. If you love opera music, the National Opera in Timisoara is waiting for you to enjoy a show in the city center. In addition to classical opera shows, you can also enjoy

Timisoara Filarmonica Banatul

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If you are not into the opera, but still enjoy classical music, you’ll be happy to find out that Timisoara has a Philharmonic orchestra, which has over 60 professional musicians. The Philharmonic’s live concerts can be heard at their very central venue, near the Orthodox Cathedral. For a schedule of the events visit the Timisoara Philarmonic Orchestra website. 

For exact directions on how to reach each of these cultural institutions in Timisoara, check out our map of Timisoara.