What's the weather in Timisoara

When to visit Timisoara and what to pack? This is a question every traveler has when visiting a new city. And in this article, you will find out what the best time to visit Timisoara is – and how to pack according to the weather in Timisoara!


Best time to visit Timisoara, Romania

Romania has a temperate-continental climate, with some sub-sub-Mediterranean influences.  This means that Romania has four seasons and the temperature varies quite a lot according to the season. The temperature also varies a bit according to the region in Romania you are in. And of course, the temperature is going to go down if you go to the mountain area, whereas in flat areas, like where Timisoara is located, the temperature will be a bit higher.

Timisoara is one of the biggest cities in Romania and it is located in the Western part of the country.  This means that the temperature usually is a bit different from that in the capital, Bucharest – which is located in the east side of the country.

Romanian summers can be quite hot, especially in big cities like Timisoara, and winters can be quite cool and windy. The best time to visit Timisoara is during spring, starting from mid-March until mid-June, and in autumn from September to late November.

The weather in Timisoara

From our experience, Meteoblue is a very reliable weather forecast website. Below you can find their 7-day forecast, so that you can pack and plan accordingly:

Spring in Timisoara:

During spring (March-May), the temperature is just perfect for walking in the city.  The temperature in Timisoara during these months varies from 12°C (in March, early April) to 26°C (in late May, early June). These are of course the average temperatures and they can vary from year to year. Spring is a “transitioning” season, so the temperature can also vary during the day – it is usually warmest at noon and the temperature drops during the night.

Summer in Timisoara:

Due to the climate, geography (in the Western plains of Romania) and the city environment, the average temperature during summer (June-August) is 28°C.  But don’t let these average temperatures fool you, as recent summers in Timisoara have been quite hot, with the maximum temperature going well over 30°C and up to 40°C.

During summer, it may sometimes rain in the afternoon, but these are mostly showers, which pass quickly.

Since summers are hot in the city, the best way to avoid these temperatures is to go to the countryside or to the nearby hills and mountains. There are many interesting destinations just a short drive away from Timisoara.

See some example of daytrips which you can do.

Autumn in Timisoara:

If you love colors and warm weather, then autumn is for you. Autumn offers some gorgeous views, especially if you want to visit natural attractions in the areas surrounding Timisoara. The average temperature in Timisoara during autumn is 17°C, but it can vary with about 6°C:  from 24°C in September, to 10°C in November.

Winter in Timisoara:

In the Western part of Romania, where Timisoara is located, winters (December-February) are quite mild. It is usually not too cold and you won’t find much snow – with some exceptions, from time to time. For example, the winter of 2018-2019 brought a big amount of snow, confusing locals and tourists alike.

The average temperature in January is around  -1.1°C.  However, in a particularly cold year, it can even drop below -10°C – though this usually does not last for many days in a row. In case you are visiting during winter, pack a warm jacket and some mittens, just in case.